Well, John

You are probably more confused then ever reading these posts. Everyone has a reason for liking tablets and, while nobody really "hates" them, some don't see the use for them in their daily lives. So my suggestion is:

1) investigate what the tablets do and what they won't do. They differ somewhat. Read the reviews.

2) Analyze YOUR needs. Do you need a tablet? Remember that one "need" could be just that 'it is cool'.

3) Do you have a better or more cost-effective way of accomplishing your needs.

It is really that simple.

If you have a need or a want for one, get one.

Here is a dilema that I have. It's very related.

My department is getting iPads for everyone at work. They are all mobile and travel and executives so a tablet seems appropriate. The problem is this:

I work in a government office dealing with CRIMINAL data (and criminal medical data, too) so HIPAA and CJIS both apply. The EXECs want iPads but there is NO way they can connect to the network. There is no WiFi. The tablets, if I'm not mistaken, don't have ethernet cable connections. VPN where I work does NOT include IPSEC and uses a WINDOWS-only application for VPN connectivity. Except for this Windows-only app and email they can't get into the network at all. (No, Windows Surface won't work, I don't think).

They all have iPhones and can only get their email through a special interface so I guess they will be able to use email on the iPads.

My question: should they even bother?