Businesses that promote violent games are 1st, then us!!!

It is America's obsession with all things violent that is responsible for a violent society. We make Rome
look like a tea party. Americans hoard weapons of death, go to shooting ranges, events that wreck
machinery, movies that have infantile plots that are solved by gratuitous slaughter, and endless
explosions, murder mysteries, aliens who have us on their menu, etc, etc, etc. I watched a little
of the game my neighbors kid was playing a number of years ago that involved carjacking as a goal!!!
you had to kill the occupants of the car, and the more people you killed, and the more cars you stole,
the more points you obtained. I was thoroughly disgusted!!!!
And there are games much worse than that one.

Some movies and games that justify the violence with the" trite old plot"; where the guys wife,
and children, or buddies have been murdered as the precept of killing hoardes of bad guys,
are little better than the ones that just kill for sport. Not, that things like that don't sadly happen
in the real world, but it seems a whole industry of movies and games are built around that one
concept, and seems to be everywhere you look and turn!!!

Anyone, and i mean anyone, which includes movie studios, game developers, and any individual
who thinks that mindless slaughter does not "desensitize" the public (and particularly the developing
minds of children) are either so ignorant it is pathetic, or so evil it is unbeliveable!!!!
How could anyone be so stupid as to think that unleashing all forms of sickness and cruelty
upon human beings doesn't, in at least some part, lead to acceptance of such things.
Give me a break; is all of society suffering from mass hysteria and mass denial???????

And, if you feel insulted or threatened by my opinion, Good!!!!! You need to!!!