We as parents must be responsible. The developers have their commercial interests and couldn't care less.

Having watched our 12 year old son go from an avid book reader to an avid game addict, I am say unequivocally that these fast-paced and violence based games are extremely addictive. Does our son exhibit anti-social violent behavior - NO but his challenges in socializing with peers and in communication in general has deteriorated since he began playing these games. And his focus has gone down significantly.

We now restrict and limit his game time severely but the damage has been done and we now have to hope he re-builds his communication and awareness skills.

The rapid stimulation caused by these games to areas of the brain definitely creates challenges for children who are already challenged, and these seem to be the children most attracted to the games - children who do not care for sports or other creative activities and who do not have active social lives outside of those who share their interest in these games.