Not all tablets run as high as the Apple Ipad. You have to compare Apples to Apples and PCs to Androids. That being said, the tablet market is all about portability. A laptop is portable, but can become rather cumbersome when having to be carried and set up and broken down and set back up. A tablet is ready to use at a moment's notice and has extraordinary battery life. I have an Android tablet, PC laptop, and a PC desktop. I use each one based on the task at hand. Desktops are obviously more robust, but lack portability. Laptops add portability, but also are set up to deal with more tasks than a tablet. I can do nearly anything on my tablet that I want, but I generally only use it for an eReader, email, etc. Things that aren't very taxing or difficult, but that I would like to have at a moment's notice and put away just as quickly.