you say tomato

by ejnarAgain - 2/25/13 12:33 PM

In Reply to: It's an app. by R. Proffitt Moderator

yes, you are right. In the end everything is an app.

I was trying to make the point that this is not an Android app in the conventional way.

I was hoping that somebody had used the service and had a better understand of how it works than I do, now that Samsung cannot answer the question.

As you can see from the intro indeed the first thing I did was to contact Samsung. The answer I got was not answering my question and I therefore turned here in the hope that somebody would know.

It would also be interesting to hear from others what they think about my 'requirement' that such a service should be working without requiring the phone to have an active Internet connection. Am I being too harsh? If you - like me - have a job that involves frequent traveling - then for sure you would want the service also to protect you while you are roaming and potentially have packet data feature turned off in your mobile. This is why I believe the question is crucial and I cannot believe it is not documented on their site or in their FAQ.