Tablets are not laptops

The paradigm for a tablet is much different then a laptop, don't equate the two.

Tablets advantage over Laptops:
1. Instant ON
2. Built in motion and position sensors
3. Dual cameras
4. Built in GPS (majority)
5. 2x to 3x battery life
6. Significantly lighter
7. One handed operation (especially with smaller ones)
8. Thinner
9. Cellular built in option, some can use majority of carriers.
10. Most can be charged from any USB ports, however varies greatly (some need 2.1amp USB ports (big iPad))
11. Very easy to use, yet still productive.
12. Keyboard options via connected or more typically BlueTooth.
13. Almost no fear from viruses or malware, especially compared to ubiquitous Windows.
14. It is much more sociable device due to portability and features then laptop.
15. Touchscreen allow unique input methods, and more then one can use tablet at same time.
16. It is a much more Personal Computer then a PC
17. Capable to being used as completely instrument panel in aircraft (see Wing-X by Hilton software)
18. You don't look weird holding it above your head or odd angles.
19. If you don't have at least 2 tablets you are a fuddy duddy. J/K wink

Yes, laptops have advantages, if you use it differently from tablets.