by Rhorr77 - 2/24/13 5:53 PM

In Reply to: No, please don't do that. by mrmacfixit Moderator

Ok, I did what you suggested. No crashing on the other user. However, iphoto isn't crashing on my main user either now...So, I don't know what happend there....However, the tutor app is still crashing. The error says, "Tutor for imovie quite unexpectedly".

If I see iphoto crash again, I'll see if its a specific photo. It's possible that I have photos spread over a couple different harddrives...maybe some of them can't be found. What if the iphoto library was populated a while back, then some of the photos were moved to a different harddrive...would iphoto recognize that they are now in a different drive? I know that I have been having some problems with itunes but that because I had moved my itunes library to an external harddrive. Now when I sync my iphone to my imac, I always get an error message that some sounds could not be found...But that's a different problem...lets not worry about that one right now lol...!