Just discovered

by Rhorr77 - 2/24/13 11:20 AM

In Reply to: Just Video or does it crash while by mrmacfixit Moderator

Other things are crashing as well now. I haven't been going on YouTube but when I last checked it, it was working. However, I am experiencing problems with iPhoto as well. When I try open a pic, iPhoto closes. This obviously isn't specific to YouTube.

So the tutor for iMovie crashes and gives me an error message. iPhoto is doing the same thing, except I don't think it's giving the error message. I stepped out so I can check atm to see if I'm getting an error message but I don't think so.

Oh! Just remembered. I was in iMovie and clicked the help tab. It opened a browser (or what seemed like a browser) to provide a list of a few helpful clips. I can view those clips np but there is an option to open in safari. When I do that, safari crashes/closes and I get an error report.

Then I went into safari settings and changed the default browser to chrome. That works fine...so something wrong with safari? Also, while I had chrome as default browser, I clicked the tutor app thing and it still crashed like before.

I dunno what's going on...getting annoyed though.

Thanks for trying to help.