Lost smart hub

by Lindyisabel - 2/24/13 9:35 AM

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My problems with my smart TV - New!
by Lindyisabel - 2/24/13 6:58 AM
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Terrible time with my SmartTV . Suddenly I cannot access Smart Hub options at all. It says"connecting"
Then for every app, the msg is " Network is not connected.Check Network settings to check Internet connections. Error_Model_Bind " . Have had several calls with Samsung Support. First was told server was down after 2 calls. Next day told to download to flash drive latest version and install. Several tries and msg No new updates. Several calls later, they are sending me a loaded flash drive. Can't access Internet so I don't understand how to access google DNS. Purchased Nov, 2012 from Future Shop. Only 30 day warranty. Any suggestions?Model UN46EH5300.