You are full of it

GM STILL owes the taxpayers over $40 BILLION dollars

AND we still own stock in this company....that makes us an OWNER....and BO a silent CEO......except when he's bragging about their success.

>>>GM's stock has plummeted in recent months after stagnant development in overseas markets. It hit a new low on Wednesday, falling to $18.80, a 52 percent drop from its January 2011 high of $38.90.

The rapid decline of the stock price has kept taxpayers on the hook for billions in unpaid bailout dollars. The stock would need to make a quick—and meteoric—turnaround for taxpayers to break even.

"In order to recoup its total investment in GM, Treasury will need to recover an additional $27 billion in proceeds. This translates to an average of $53.98 per share on its remaining common shares in New GM," the IG report concluded.>>>

And GM used GRANT money to repay the little bit that it DID pay back, while BO bragged about how well they are doing.

AND, regarding DELPHI not being part of the 'deal'.......they should have been but were cut loose from it because none of their employees were unionized. This from just a few months ago........