No, that's something you attribute to him, not a fact in

by Ziks511 - 2/24/13 8:22 AM

In Reply to: When did Obama become a CEO of a Car Company? by TONI H

He set requirements on the government's short term loan mistakenly called a bailout, like anyone intervening in a failing business would do. But more to the point, the money was all paid back within 3 years, consequently the Government's supposed "stake" in any of the car-makers lapsed. The Government does not still retain a stake in GM. It's over and done. And the US still has 3 functioning car manufacturers with most of those jobs still intact.

And what does Delphi formerly AC Delco have to do with anything? It wasn't part of the deal, raising it as an issue is yet another red-herring, a distraction from the facts at issue.

Now assuming that management can learn, they have the opportunity to earn back more of the car market from the Japanese, the Koreans, the Germans and whoever else by producing more attractive vehicles.

Ford made a massive mistake IMO in not producing the Ka for the American market. It could have been the new Volkswagen beetle and made a massive change to Ford's fortunes, and contributed good things to the economy. It was a great vehicle and had a loyal following in Britain, looked fabulous and was very fuel efficient. Ford UK couldn't understand why the American parent company passed on it either. preferring larger and more expensive vehicles to the nippy, easy to park Ka at about 1/2 the cost of the Smart Car and even less compared to the BMW Mini or the Mercedes A type.

The information about Ford UK came from a Ford executive who was the husband of a colleague of my wife's. He just shook his head when he related the Ford Home Office's reaction to the Ka.