Tried that

by Rhorr77 - 2/24/13 6:59 AM

In Reply to: Just Video or does it crash while by mrmacfixit Moderator

Didn't work. Actually, I did confirm that my Flash Player is the right one and it seems to be working. I tried opening multiple youtube movies and they all seem to work. However, I have 2 browsers on my iMac, Safari and Chrome and Chrome appeared to have been set as the I changed it back to Safari. When I was checking the latest version of FlashPlayer, Chrome was the browser the iMac was using...and it showed the latest that's why I changed it back to Safari...then checked again. The Safari one was not the right I fixed that. Now, (so far) whenever I watch a youtube video they seem to be working...but I wasn't getting the error with all I guess I have to monitor that and see if the problem comes back.

Having said that, I am still having problems with the app I downloaded called Tutor of iMovie...that just closes as soon as the page opens and gives me a very long error message...I tried trouble shooting but doesn't seem to want to work. I don't think the tutor thing is opening in a browser...I think its just a video program I downloaded onto my Mac but not sure. How do I check to see if that app is actually in my iMac or opening a browser?