There is a difference

by TONI H - 2/24/13 4:30 AM

In Reply to: RE: Used Car Shortage. by JP Bill

between used cars coming into the market sometime in the near future and the fact that all those traded in for 'cash for clunkers' being crushed and taken out of the market. That was the rule/regulation that was put into place by this administration in order to force the older 'gas guzzlers' and 'inefficient' vehicles off the roads. Unfortunately there were many vehicles on their 'crush' list that were being traded in that were MORE efficient fuel-wise than what they were being traded in on....people were just looking for a 'deal' and got them. The other side of that coin was that many dealerships weren't reimbursed for those 'refunds' by the Feds in time to keep them from closing up shop......and some vehicles were actually repossessed by the dealerships from the new buyers because they never got that money.

Unfortunately, there will never be a liberal, or even this president, who will admit that 'cash for clunkers' and 'cash for caulkers' were two of the worst programs that taxpayers ate the cost of and they stand just barely behind the 'green energy' wastes of money.