So, he couldn't save the Auto industry and assure a steady

supply of used cars. I don't recall anybody mentioning that as a priority when the whole American Auto Industry was in danger of tanking. Clearly it was a dreadful oversight when so many were shouting about "What about the resale market in 4 years !!" and he should be impeached forthwith for failing to see it coming. It's funny that I don't remember any people shouting that though..

"and the virtual disappearance of new-car leases during the financial crisis."
So Obama didn't cause that disappearance, did he? It was the leasing companies cutting back on leasing because of the economic downturn. Some people may have bought cars but a lot more just hung on to whatever they had because they weren't secure enough even to start a new Lease.

"Another factor is a change by the three Detroit U.S. auto makers. To keep factories humming, they once leased tens of thousands of new cars to rental car fleets and then moved them onto dealer lots as used models after a few months. There are fewer of those vehicles because manufacturers cut excess production capacity in recent years." So it's the car manufacturers who restructured the market place for their own good who contributed to this change. When did Obama become a CEO of a Car Company? I know that you'll attribute anything to him for any reason, but how do you get him creating a conspiracy of Car Manufacturers to withhold used cars from the Market Place without at least giving a nod to the Financial Crisis which Obama didn't cause but which he attempted to address with Cash for Clunkers at the same time as he bailed out the US Auto Industry from a situation that could have killed it stone dead.

"The scarcity has pushed up used car prices, often to the point that consumers who finance a purchase with subsidized interest rates can get brand new vehicles for about the same as a monthly payment required for a late-model used car. " Were I in the market, I'd be quite happy. Incentives so good that I'll bite the bullet and buy a new car rather than an overpriced old one. Gee, what a hard decision to make. "I'll take the nice shiny new one rather than the one some idiot driving it as a rental car hasn't completely eviscerated by over-revving the engine during the breaking-in period."

So, a complete inability to find Obama guilty of anything in this new assault. Again. Doesn't your back hurt when you tie yourself in knots trying to prove an article says something which it doesn't even hint at. I mean, that's a lot of heavy lifting, inventing stuff like that. I use Robaxin, or Robaxacet for that nagging lower back pain. Try it.