Choices--that simple

I am not a business user.

I own a netbook and a recently purchased Surface RT (I did not buy the attachable keyboard).

My tablet is lighter and slimmer than my netbook, making it more portable for me and my backpack.

My commute is 3-4 hours weekdays plus I have 1 1/2 hours of lunch/breaks.

When I will need to type extensively during the day, I bring my netbook. I believe that has happened only once since I started purchasing tablets over two years ago.

But I have the option if needed.

I have not installed one game on my RT. I have not played any games on my RT.

I do keep current on my emails, surf the net for news, use YouTube and Netflix, etc. I also catch up on TV shows and movies (since Microsoft was smart enough to support micro SD cards and USB ports [any device which does not is dead to me], I highly recommend the TViX player/recorder, HomeRun device w/ Windows Media Center and the PlayLater service for digital material to watch).

When I come home from work, I easily wirelessly print material from my tablet that I feel deserves to be hard copied. (I think most new home printers support wireless printing. Mine set up so easily, I still don't believe it.)

Again, not a business user but someone keeping informed and entertained during the weekdays.