Too much budget!

by tilcatilley1092 - 2/23/13 8:55 PM

In Reply to: bulding a new budget computer by nzee1998

If you cannot afford the i5, go with a AMD quad core. There's some in the $60 - $70 range at Newegg. Some are a couple of years old, but you will get more performance.

Being that you're getting a dedicated GPU, skip the AMD "A" series, go with a quad core core, something like this.

You'll get more for less with that choice. Normally I stay away from AMD, however one can build a decent budget PC with the brand. I say to skip the A series because they give up too much CPU for the built in discrete like graphics card. Many compares the most recent A-10's with the i3, not something one wants to hear from a flagship chip. Too much video, & not enough horses under the hood for demanding work, such as virtual machines/other CPU intensive work.

Just done a reinstall of a computer with an i3, that's one weak CPU.