the advantage of minivan for me is

by James Denison - 2/23/13 8:42 PM

In Reply to: actually considered such myself by Roger NC

At times I do have all 3 children at home and we all go the same way. Mostly just the 3 of us now, the older two living on their own.

One distinct advantage is if I go on a trip by myself that takes a day or two, I can toss a light mattress in the back after leaving the seats at home, along with my sleeping bag I always keep in it just in case I break down someplace in bad weather, and pull into rest areas to take a nap in the back. My remote control start can be set to turn the car on twice per hour to warm things up, so it's fairly comfortable napping that way. Of course one can lay the front seat back, but I don't find that too comfortable for more than a short 15-20 minute nap.

In my previous van I had dark tint 5% I'd slap up on back and side windows, and a tension curtain rod across the front with black curtain, just behind the front seats. That was very private napping. The window tint on current van is less dark, but still good enough at night for privacy. The main problem is it becomes "stuffy" as breathable air is used up so leaving a front window cracked helps with that some, but not always enough.

Sometimes I think it might be nice to have a larger "custom" type van, but they wouldn't get 21-25mpg (ethanol vs gasoline) on the interstate.