RE: Used Car Shortage.

by JP Bill - 2/23/13 7:57 PM

In Reply to: Used Car Shortage. Obama To Blame by James Denison

Just wait.....

He sees used car prices falling this year, and a healthier supply of late-model cars coming off leases by December.

"There is a going to be day coming soon when there a lot of cars are going to be dumped on the market," said Mr. Schwartz. "That is going to put a strain on new cars."

Now, should we start looking at the forum during that time and see how what was said then by those who were opposed to OBAMA'S "Cash For Clunkers" predicted???

go for it...

I recall something about not being able to buy parts for older appears you can't even buy older cars...never mind the parts for them.

BUT wait Till Dec...then there'll be lots of used cars.....AGAIN.