true, but meant for new car buyers

good trade in if they have anything at all.

And the car manufacturers keep recycling their very low financing or cash back sales.

I've even thought about trading my 2009 Sonata in.

The only thing I really would buy though would be a basic pickup truck and would probably get rid of the old 2000 compact instead of the Sonata. But trucks aren't really the bargain a lot of good cars are.

Have two foreign cars, though in a round about way, an Accent and a Sonata. Weird thing, the 09 Sonata, half again the size of the 00 Accent, gets the same gas mileage.

A pickup truck is impractical as a daily commuter, but is so handy occasionally. Would hate to drive the "good car" (09 Sonata) to work every day because of the dirt and other things at work but driving any truck would cost so much more in gas even with my short commute.