I didn't

by Jimmy Greystone - 2/23/13 12:20 PM

In Reply to: interesting by VistaVictim

I didn't; I only checked legal sites. Anything more would be a violation of the forum rules here. Civilization III-V are available via Steam, so unless you have your heart absolutely set on Civ II, that is what I'd recommend you look into. And if you are dead set on getting Civ II, you might be at it for a good long while. A general rule of thumb is that if it's not on Steam, it doesn't exist as a legal digital download. Sometimes you'll find things on Steam and other sites as well, like Amazon, GOG (often a bit more expensive, but they deal in only DRM free content), or Green Man Gaming. In this case Civ II isn't on any of them, so the odds of it existing as a legal download anywhere are probably about zero.

So maybe try contacting some of the Amazon sellers to find out if they'll do international shipping, or see if you can find someone selling a disc based copy near where you are, because again, we can't and won't help you find an illicit copy here.