Finding program updates in Help?

by roxyhawk - 2/23/13 3:48 AM

In Reply to: You don't need to trust those messages by PCuser

I went to Help on my IE9 toolbar, and the only choices were "Online Support", "IEhelp" and "About IE". Where do I find these software updates? I need more details. I just blindly updated Adobe Flashplayer tonight, and it seemed like it hadn't been that long since I did it last time, so I was "pondering" a little about that, but did it anyway. Then I see this email about this topic from Cnet. I recently downloaded AVG from your site, and it seems a little out of control. I already have McAfee that is included free from ATT, so I only planned to scan with it occasionally. It seems to be in startup, although I turned all "protection" off from it. It automatically seems to be doing things as well. The more I try to be careful, the more things seem to screw up.