Basically it is about media consumption

I'm with you. I am computer savy, have been in the electronics business for over 40 years. It's not like I'm computer illiterate and don't know about tablets. I have not chosen to purchase a tablet.

My typical day consists of sitting at my computer for perhaps 4 to 6 hours. I have a browser open, likely am processing a video, often have a spreadsheet open, often have Quicken open, and iTunes is running. This type of multitasking is way beyond what a tablet is capable of. I love movies so I may also have a window open running a Netflix, youtube, or Amazon Prime video.

I do have an iPod Touch, keep it in my pocket, and use it throughout the day. I'm well aware of the ease of use and wonderful apps available. The disadvantage of the iPod Touch is the small screen. But it also slips into my shirt pocket which a tablet wouldn't. Another disadvantage of the iPod Touch (or smartphones) is the lack of a physical keyboard. For anything other than short text entries I head to the computer where I can use a full sized physical keyboard.

I do believe there are millions of people who are happy to watch a video, or play a game, or run the Facebook app. I'm not one of those people and don't expect I ever will be.

For me the new Windows 8, with its combination of the desktop + apps is a combination I am looking forward to. I have been tracking the Lenovo Yoga and think the new Yoga 11S coming out this summer might be the right hardware for me. It will provide an attached keyboard, full Windows 7 capability, and a tablet mode too. Now we're talking.