I bought a Kindle Fire to see

Like you I wanted to see why folks were so excited about tablets, so I bought a Kindle Fire a year ago. The tablets have two advantages over laptops. They're much more portable (because they're smaller and lighter), and battery life is much greater. So I can see why folks who're constantly traveling might prefer them. On the other hand I greatly prefer my laptop for most things because I don't travel much, and the traveling I do is 99% of the time in my car to some place I can get to in under an hour. If I had to lug the laptop around in airports, I might have a different perspective, but since I haven't been on a plane in 18 years, that's not a concern for me. If I'm going to a doctor or dentist, I often take the Kindle, but that's about the only time I use it. I'm inclined to think a lot of folks who're in love with the tablets use them primarily for game playing.