dont get the galaxy player

by dub1803 - 2/21/13 12:15 PM

In Reply to: Small mp3 player with Wifi (Spotify) by torsaen

The galaxy player uses the older "gingerbread" version of android's os. You can download Spotify on to it, but it wont work because Spotify doesn't support older versions of the android os. This is a known problem to Spotify, and (from their forums) they seem to not really care.

If you want Spotify on a non-phone mp3 player, a new iPod touch is the only option. Even some older gens of iPod touch dont work with Spotify. They used to, but Spotify actually took support away from older iPods, when they made a newer version of their software.

Its actually kind of ridiculous because Spotify was working on my 1st gen iPod touch just fine, but I restored it to factory settings to clean it up some, and when I tried to download the new version of Spotify, it told me it wouldn't work. Since I had the old version on my iPod before i restored it, it did work, but u cant get the old version now.

This was when i started looking for a new mp3 player to use Spotify with. I have my phone, but I dont like to run with it. And i found that the only option was a new iPod touch.