Oh! Lol

by Rhorr77 - 2/20/13 5:58 PM

In Reply to: Apologies if I was not clear by boya84

Ya...I did think you were suggesting storing the info on the chips (or should I be calling the chips...flash memory? :)) I haven't reread your post yet but I wanted to comment for now.

But ya...I see your point! So...I think your suggesting that I...

1) record video in best source
2) transfer to iMac using some software program, wether it be iMovie or final cut or something else is still to be determined. Actually...this is where I'm unclear. I don't know if I should be transferring the data to my iMac in an uncompressed format or compressed. Right now...I'm not ready to doing any home videos...so first things first. HOWEVER!!! If I move the info to my iMac in a compressed format, then when I decide to finally sit down and look at all my media to start making a movie...I won't be able too because its still compressed, PLUS I can't even see what the video is because its compressed. So wont I need to have EVERYTHiNG uncompressed? And then after I've made some videos...I compress them then? Gawd! I don't know what to do =\

3) then make some home videos.

4) then, if the info was uncompressed, now I would compress it and store it...but how would I know or remember what's on the compressed info?

The fact that you mentioned having 900dv tapes...holy cow! Those can't be home movies. You must be some sort of editor for a company.

The Apple TV was really just to download and watch movies from iTunes...but that's getting a little expensive and ill be looking for another option. Haven't said that...what do YOU mean regarding the Apple TV? Is there something I'm missing?

Lastly... What do you mean by "media server"? Is that some sort of hardrive...only bigger than usual? Like at 100TB hardrive?