Apologies if I was not clear

by boya84 - 2/20/13 5:06 PM

In Reply to: Omg lol by Rhorr77

DO NOT USE FLASH MEMORY AS LONG TERM ARCHIVE STORAGE. I was merely making the point that you filled a couple of 32 gig cards. Storing the copies of those files on your computer back-up system - a total of 64 gig at the moment - is WAY less than storing all the decompressed-from-the-camera-MTS/TOD-files-ready-to-edit using hundreds of gigabytes of your back-up hard drive space.

I just realized I need to stop and wait for your next post.

And since you think you are a media hoarder, imagine my horror at counting over 900 miniDV tapes... In the grand scheme of things, I am at about the same place you are as far as making the jump into some sort of "media server". You bought into AppleTV - I've been considering it - but there is something not quite there with it that I can't put my finger on...