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by Rhorr77 - 2/20/13 3:00 PM

In Reply to: 3rd to last and last paragraph responses... by boya84

Ok, I just read your entire response. First of all...WOW! Your response is longer than my post lol.

Second, I read everything on my my brain hurts atm lol. Not to mention the vast and extensive amount of information you have provided. I think I'm going to have to sit down when I get home and reread your response again...maybe a couple times. I'd like to fill in some blanks or clear up something's so that you are clear as to what I have.

What I want to do first is organize all my data and create a smart backup system that I can just forget about and rely on. This could involve buying some other devices...i will if i need too. I think you suggested that i use an external DVD reader and writer. I never thought of that but that's a good idea too. Were you suggesting that for media storage reasons or just for reading and burning DVD movies that I created using the movie creator tool. Also btw, would you recommend a different movie creator program? I don't mind spending some money.

Also, the way you explained that storing my video files onto a small chip...I think that's pretty smart too! And easy enough to just make those as backups.

Once I have all my media organized, which btw I should mention that I have sooooo many different little files of video footage spanning over many years...I also need to learn/know how to organize them so that they are like a home filing cabinet. I would start by organizing my years...but from that point, I'll have to figure out what else I should do. Does it make a difference is my media is split onto different devices/hardrives? Like putting all video on one hardrive and pictures on another. I also my iTunes media account to deal with as well. I have a couple movies I bought from iTunes but not much. Omg...I feel like I have a digital version of that TV show "hoarders".

When the time comes to actually access all this footage to make some home movies for my family to watch, I'll need some sort of order to all my video clip madness! wink

I like and appreciate that you took the time to explain all the media stuff the way you did. But like I said, that's A LOT of technical jargon that I don't fully understand. That means I will need to read your response again while consulting wikepedia happy