It's all about the money ...

Ironic, but hardly surprising, that THE company that defined the "anti-Microsoft" in the 90s is revealing its true colors--like they all do. Seems that all of those who preached the hardest against MS are actually "MORE MS" than MS itself. Seems you hate most in others what is actually just like you, for which Larry Ellison is the poster child for.

I don't even believe that Jerry Yang, who retained his anti-MS demeanor during MS's 2008 attempted buy-out of Yahoo, was motivated by some "purist principle". Rather, I think he was really wanting to drive up the price of Yahoo by playing "hard to get". To MS's gain and Yahoo's eternal business loss, Yang's antics backfired and MS backed out of the negotiations completely.

So the next time you hear some shill talking about "for the children" or "affordable healthcare" or feigned "concern" for grandma in the wheelchair being "pushed over the cliff" due to budgetary cuts, don't buy it. It's a power-play to get, to gain, to hoard, to control.

Now I'm waiting to see who becomes the "anti-Google". This charade is quite interesting, indeed.