RE: I'm sure..............

Step into my parlor said the "SPIDER" to the fly. I don't trust Google what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone else in this very forum equated Google as a CIA operative/co-operative and I concur!!

I've removed, to the best of my knowledge "EVERY" piece of Google from my computer. EVERY PIECE! Now you say "I await Google Television and Internet", it's bad enough they track your every movement through their programs that run on a PC but now you want to invite snoop-ware into your living room.

Anything Google IS NOT WELCOME ON MY PC LET ALONE INTO MY HOME/ MY CASTLE!!!!! PERIOD!! Why not contact your local CIA operative along with the FBI and have them set up a desk(s) in your living room or at the very least a spy camera so they can keep an eye on you!

I used to use a photo editing program called Picasso but as soon as I learned it got bought out by Google, goodbye Picasso it was fun while it lasted. Alas poor Picasso, I knew thee well. Twas nice knowing you but your owned by Google now. Good bye, so long, you're NO LONGER welcome on my PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google snoops/ tracks everything you do, search for, or browse for. SNOOP WARE to the Nth degree. I'd be willing to bet you use passwords on your computer to protect your personal information yet you allow Google to track your "EVERY MOVEMENT" while on line! Isn't this kind of an "OXYMORON"??????????????????? Isn't this like stalking, which by the way is "ILLEGAL"??????? Every time you install "Google" anything you have to agree to their terms which includes "Snooping"! If the police, FBI or the CIA tried this you'd be filing lawsuits!!!

Why not do away with your passwords, turn off your Anti Virus and disable your Firewall, you have essentially done so
by allowing anything Google on your machine. You're being snooped but you just don't want to acknowledge it!!!

Okay, so they're not "the hackers/ bad guys" but why not put up a banner in your front yard telling all your neighbors when your online and what you surfed/ searched for, or bought online!

"I don't like "ANYTHING" Google and would not be visiting any store they may open"! To me it is a moot point! Anti Google to the max!!! That's me and proud of it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Aah the sheep being lead to the slaughter and they're doing it willfully, of their own free will. I cannot fathom this even for one nanosecond!