In the current economic client probably not a good idea

I do like the idea of a "Google" store opening to compete with things like the Apple store (don't think we've got any Microsoft stores here in the UK).

But considering the amount of high street retailers that are going under every day in the current economic client it probably is a bad idea for now, unless the Google store can offer something special - like one special thing it would have to offer is the items at the same price in the shop as you can get online.

Many of the retailers like HMV, Comet and Jessops all went under mainly because they tried to overcharge the customer in comparison to what the item could be bought for online and now people are just not willing to pay that extra just to have it that day - most of the time with the mail it takes about a day or two, so if Google was to open a store then they'd have to remember this.

Yes ok in a Google store you would get the Google employees that know everything there is to know about Google so I suppose you could charge a bit extra for their personal experience, but even still most people can just go online and get that information.

Also I'm wondering what would the Google store sell? If it is just going to sell only Google branded products then they'd better get their finger out and develop some more, because Apple has a store because they have the entire Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone range, and Microsoft also have a lot to put in their store - Xbox, Windows, Office, Zune, Surface, etc. But Google - have the Nexus and Chromebooks and a store full of just Chromebooks, Nexus 7 and 10 is going to be quite empty. Unless their also going to sell a number of other Android based devices such as products from Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorola and some generic MP3 players too which then they'd be just like another Curry's.