Always got to see what's new!

Didn't anyone read the article? Google probably planted this rumor to get your feedback on a retail store and of course - CNET swallowed. If they were a reputable company, they would just ask you; I mean they already know your name, address, email, phone #, credit score, and sexual pref. They said: "We aren't planning on being a retailer," he said. "We don't view being a retailer right now as the right decision."

Well, that was in December and I guess December was a long time ago, I mean - I've probably downloaded 30 security patches from MS since December. If they open a store in my neighborhood, I will go, but just to see what they have and to BS with them. I don't think that I would buy anything because at this point Google just doesn't make anything that I want, but that is changing almost daily.