I'm NOT a big fan of CULTS!!!

Personally, I've never yet been to an Apple store, or a Microsoft store, and I have no plans to visit a Google store. Shopping at a store entirely staffed by acolytes with glazed-over eyes who eat their cell phones/netbooks for breakfast then phart and burp out all kinds of meaningless propaganda by lunchtime is NOT my idea of a "balanced" shopping experience!

Thanks, but no thanks. The closest I'll come to that is the Mac "mini-store" in Best Buys! If ya wanna be an Apple Moonie, more power to ya... Guess some of ya will be Google Moonies, next. Me? I'm almost 100% Microsoft at this point, but I'm NO "TRUE BELIEVER." Microsoft-based computer systems simply best suit my needs and are most affordable, at present. I also like the fact that Microsoft users can build their own systems and customize things however they want them. They aren't locked into the RAMPANT COMMUNISTIC view Apple seems to take with its products and customers.
Jeff Hayes