Google Stores

I already have a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10, so not sure if I would be a customer right away, but I have given away old computers in the past, and will give a look at the new stuff that will be coming. There are always lots of young people who would be glad to get older products that I was getting rid of and also Adults too. I have never had to take a used computer to a recycle center. Actually they were all working when I got rid of them, and most of them still are. If Google has any sense, they will be sure to include all of the products that are sold by other manufacturers that want to be there too. They might want to include some classes on the latest products to show their features so people could try before they buy. I bought both of my Nexus devices without actually trying them out, but have not been disappointed. I have a couple of W7 computers too, so have the best of all worlds. The Tablets are fun to use and I have my Nexus 10 hooked up to a 27 inch monitor and Android Jelly Bean looks pretty good on the big screen. My Nexus 7 is for use on the sofa when I just want ot relax. There also seems to be quite a market for used Tablets, and people could take advantage of getting one with lots of apps installed, so they could just take off and use it pretty fully right off the bat.