by pdaphone - 2/17/13 8:55 AM

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I am at the tournament and shot 4 hours of video for the first 4 matches. I believe I used FH for 2 and FX 1080p for 2, but the settings on the menu are a little confusing. Picking p vs. i forces some other choices. I can't play back on the hotel TV because they have input blocked. I tried playback on my Macbook Air and they are close, but I think the higher rez is better. I am going to try that today and see if I run out space.

This camera is is working great for this purpose... looking at some of the other cameras on tripods nearby, I'm able to get a lot wider which for this is great.

Now I need to find out how to process the AVCHD file. I was expecting each clip to be a separate file, but its all in one file bundle, and iMovie 11 doesn't seem to recognize it, even though I see a lot of discussions online that say it should. I am going to want to break this apart in iMovie to create clips for sending to coaches... but also put the full movie clips on my NAS box to playback on my Apple TV... iMovie should do all that if I can get them imported.

Thanks for all the help here.