RE: Samsung Smart TV - Apps Won't Update

Hi Mallen,

Actually, since this has wandered into a networking issue, there are a whole bunch of things to try. So if you don't mind, I've got this list of pieces of data to gather, so let's go at it; I'll fill out what you've told me already, and you correct.complete the rest:

Product model code: UN46D6000SF?
Firmware version: 1033.4?
Smart Hub version: 3.679-6.0.00061?
Netflix App version: ???
Hulu App version: ???

How to check App version:

Connection Speed to ISP: 10 Mbps
Network environment: Wired/Wireless (Home/Office/Public)
Router model: ???

For Wireless
Distance to Wireless Router: ???
Channel Broadcasting: ???

MAC address: ???
IP address: ???
Gateway: ???
DNS server: ???
Unique ID/ ESN number: [redacted]

Screen where to find this info:|

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