RE: Samsung Smart TV - Apps Won't Update

by Mallen22842 - 2/13/13 11:23 AM

In Reply to: Samsung Smart TV - Apps Won't Update by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Specifically my wife and I use the Netflix and Hulu applications (a lot). For some reason those apps are riddled with software bugs.

1. Netflix will often not load the title and say "We were unable to locate that title" or some such message. Though you can immediately try again and the title will load just fine.

2. Netflix / Hulu will often forget that my account is attached to them and I am required to re-enter all of my account information. This is really annoying and could easily be corrected by either (a) allowing the system to remember my username / password on the log in screens and (b) attempting to re-authenticate before telling me there is a problem (true problems like a changed password or failed billing).

3. This just started recently but, Hulu is now telling me that it can't find suitable bandwidth to play the video and to chose a lower setting. I have very high bandwidth (over 10 MB downstream) and I have this sucker set to the lowest setting. I also work for the telecommunications company that provides the internet to my house. I can assure you that this issue is not a bandwidth issue.

I noticed the time stamps on those apps are from last year. I would hope that the applications are being improved upon each quarter to correct issues that are being identified by your customer base.

Also, I already mentioned before about the delay when loading the Smart Hub screen. I'm not sure why it is necessary to freeze the entire user interface while trying to load your ads in the movie box up at the top of the screen. Some better resource handling could help. I don't mind advertising but, not at the expense of the entire application being bogged down.