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Most Mondays to Fridays. I'm a little closer to the device than some as I went to the developer's seminars. It's is not a hybrid as you wrote but some think it is. No reason to argue here. If you feel it should allow such control and it does not, why keep it? It's not doing what you want so again, why tolerate a machine that does not do what you want?

My advice for about a few months after I saw what a "Smart TV" is has been unpopular with the makers. That is, don't buy it for the Smart TV. But it for picture quality and ignore the Smart TV for now. As long as they are not giving us what we want, don't give them a dime for it. I'm not popular with the Smart TV folk as you can guess.

--> There is another non-PC solution on the market. It's getting better and it's those Android on a stick devices. Those are much better in that you control it.