Re: AVG Outgoing Email scanner

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 2/12/13 7:55 AM

In Reply to: AVG Outgoing Email scanner by dawillie

Do you see any pattern in blocked e-mails (e.g. specific attachment, destination, or are they just random e-mails)? I would like to ask you for the AVG Diagnostics output for closer analysis.
- Download and run the runner_en.exe.
- Follow displayed instructions.
- Fill in the as your e-mail address, attach link to this conversation and your real e-mail address which can be used for further communication.
- Attach at least 2 samples of blocked e-mails (in EML or MSG format) also with time/date when they were blocked.
- Click the Diagnose and send results button to send the data.
- Let me know once the data are sent.

Thanks, Jan.