This worked for me!

by Kelstrunk - 2/12/13 6:27 AM

In Reply to: How to remove Babylon virus? by xguy03

Wow~ what a time I had getting rid of this horrible bug!
I downloaded google earth and this thing was attached. I followed all basic instructions I read off the internet, such as uninstalling the tool bar and associated files from control panel >uninstall a program. It kept reappearing on my IE10. I reset my homepage in IE. It did not work. I tried scanning with my Eset. Nothing. I searched and searched online and came up with downloading several malware software. Hitman Pro was the only thing that "found" the little bug. There were 15 files associated. It not only found the bugs but cleaned them. It worked, but I wanted to be sure it was gone so I restarted my computer and the little bugger came back. I went through this several times. Finally I decided to run the Hitman pro again. It cleaned the files AGAIN. Then I went into IE and hit the reset button (tools<hit advanced tab<hit reset internet explorer). Then I changed my homepage to bing. Then I cleared all my history, cookies etc. Finally a little window pops up and tells you to restart your computer. I restarted and FINALLY this bug is gone! I restarted my computer a few times just to be sure. I was so happy. I spent the entire day yesterday trying to get rid of this thing. What a big lesson learned.
This Babylon toolbar was horrible and soooo offensive. Sometimes pornographic pictures would pop up. I was horrified.