Need a little more info...

by Gregness - 2/11/13 8:32 PM

In Reply to: Yes, set it up as a bridge (n/t) by Pepe7

Thanks for your help.
I have the TV (tc-p50ut50 ) connected to an Airport Express with an ethernet cable but can't seem to reconcile the settings. The Airport express is set up in Bridge mode but I need advice on settings under the Viera's "Network" category for:

IP setting mode
IP address (ip of the Airport Express?)
Subnet Mask (sn of the Airport Express?)
Default gateway ((gateway of the Airport Express?)
DNS setting mode (auto or manual?)
DNS (the main router DNS?)
Proxy setting?

Right now the TV is failing the connection test and not even seeing the Airport Router. It does see the router if I set the unit to it's defaults and not in bridge mode. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much.