Very little chance of existing malware(almost zero)

by tiltmonster - 2/10/13 1:45 PM

In Reply to: Created new problem. by Dafydd Moderator

Until now.
I identified most of the Malware that came down with IMAGEBURN. Removed it best I could. The two main items were the MIXIDJ trojan Jacker; which by the way I unchecked from the instal box. 100 PERCENT SURE. It loaded anyway. The Iminet program that instals emoticons removed after a restart, using Win add/remove. No mention of that I saw, unless buried deep in the legal clause. Price Gong, may be the coupon related spyware they do warn about (Required for download) Defender got that. I broke some rules, to get the free-ware. letting my primary virus protection down. I just did not expect such a hit. I was jacked, redirected, got crap-wear, toolbar, and spyware. Who knows what else. I removed the IMAGBURN as well; and virus protection picked up on it as malware from the place it was deleted to; and quaranteened it. It was all pretty aggressive; though moderate difficulty removing. Took some time. Hope it did not screw anything up in my registry, or system files. Will run all my scanners again soon. The Malware came from the C-NET Download page for IMAGEBURN. If you type IMAGBURN DOWNLOAD into your search engine; about 2-3 items down, is the cnet download page. Cnet banner and familiar headings. There are warnings by others I read, I just did not take them as serious as I should have. Trusted the Cnet link. I guess I felt lucky, figured the sight I got tech from; would be more secure. At worst I figured it would be an easy to remove add-on, or program; got a bit more. Total crap-ware package for sure. MixiDj I think, listed as moderate threat. Been a long time since I downloaded anything I was aware of; must have known I had a clean factory recovered machine laying in wait.