interesting differences, I guess every state is a

by Roger NC Moderator - 2/10/13 6:59 AM

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little different.

As far as I know, there is no check box in NC, you have to have insurance. I don't recall being required to show proof other than if you didn't have any before a new car. Our registration does require you fill in the insurance company and policy number on the registration application when before you can get tags.

There is no check box, and as far as I know there is no insurance from the state. The only insurance the state is involved with as far as I know is the assigned risk pool for people who have so many past violations that insurance companies don't want to cover. The rates are astronomical of course, but the insurance companies in NC are required to pool to cover the high rish drivers. At least it use to be that way, I haven't heard much about it for years, since as I age I don't hear people I work with talking about it. Most of them are old enough so they're not so reckless either I guess.

I wonder if the law in NC require proof of insurance in the car now, along with the registration card. My insurance carrier sends a new form each year for each car giving the information and is labelled at the top "proof of insurance".

Getting new tags, or rather new stickers for the tags, each year is done by a renewal card sent to the address on your registration. If your insurance is cancelled, they don't send it, and in the past sent someone out fairly quickly to collect your tags. If you didn't pay the property tax on the car last year, you don't get a renewal form.

Probably a lot of other differences from state to state. I think the minimum level of coverage varies from state to state now.