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by tiltmonster - 2/10/13 6:50 AM

In Reply to: By default by Willy

I figured with the Malware I would at least get the program to work here. Do you have to allow the Ask Jeves bar to load onto your machine also; or am I not doing something right. I got IMGBURN downloaded from C-NET fine, allowed even the coupon trojan, against better judgement. Then chose my USB burner, because my other burner has a raid controller I thought might complicate things. Checked all the settings on the main page(alll looked good) was copying a bootable image to disc. It started filling the buffer, said it was writing a lead in or such, and an hour later was still stuck at 12% no movement on anything. It got hasty and told me to be patient, when I tried to shut it down(showed it got the shut down message in the log) and sat there for 10 more minutes. Locked up my fresh clean machine, and I had to manual force the boot of my computer. I will see if I can do a fresh install, but could do without the trojan. Perhaps I missed something. Any thoughts, I seem to be getting two problems for every one I don't fix. I did not seem to have much trouble with the screens or navigation of IMGBURN; it just did not burn the image for me. I even shut everything down while it burned, scanners and such. Maybe the install did not take. I hope it will uninstall easy. I did a fresh download, of the latest version of DBAN used IMGBURN main screen, chose copy image to disc(first one) then chose the program at the top left using the little icon. DBAN showed up as the image to copy, showed as a bootable ISO image; everything looked good, then off we went to lock up mode. Something is just strange here; it can't be this hard to erase a hard drive on an old machine. Should take minutes not days. What next Willy, any ideas? Sbybot would not update, which is very odd. Ran without finding any Malware. Have not run the rest of the scanners.