You still didn't tell me which state you reside in.

by JP Bill - 2/10/13 4:35 AM

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Fess up which state are we talking about?

I said you didn't have to SHOW that proof except at a dealership

Are you from West Virginia? Fess up which state are we talking about?

Mandatory Insurance

IT'S THE LAW: West Virginia law requires all registered vehicles to be insured. The minimum amount of coverage required is $20,000 for one accident-one injury, $40,000 for one accident-two or more injuries, and $10,000 for property damage. All vehicle insurance policies must be issued by a company licensed to sell insurance in West Virginia. The Compulsory Insurance Law is designed to protect you and all motorists who operate a vehicle in the state of West Virginia.

KEEP IT IN THE GLOVEBOX OF YOUR VEHICLE: Motorists are required to carry proof of insurance in the form of a (WV-1) Certificate of Insurance in their vehicle at all times. Law enforcement officers will request this information during any traffic stop or accident.

ONLY at the DEALERSHIP, EH? Just when registering a vehicle, EH?

Rob said

but in many countries, proof of insurance is mandatory when getting a license for a car

NO mention of America...YOU jumped to the conclusion he was talking about America.

Tell me which state you reside in, I promise I won't come and visit you.