OK...let's review some more without

by TONI H - 2/10/13 4:21 AM

In Reply to: Let's review, without all the crap by JP Bill

all of YOUR crap.

Rob says it's MANDATORY.......I respond it isn't.......however, YOU claim I only HEAR something else.

YOU say "Rob doesn't know".....I informed him so now he DOES know.

YOU say "perhaps Toni doesn't realize".....without asking ME if I do know (which I do). But YOU don't realize that you can also own a vehicle without PROOF of insurance (there is a place on the registration that you can mark either "yes, I have insurance" and not show the proof, or you can mark "No", and the State will require, at that point that you purchase it directly from them instead, for much higher rates, and for limited coverage. (kinda like Obamacare will be now only you'll be tracked for that coverage via the IRS)

This entire conversation was about PROOF.......and I said you didn't have to SHOW that proof except at a dealership when you purchase from them. If I purchase from a private owner in cash, get the title, and go to the DMV, they ASK if I have insurance but I'm not required to SHOW the proof or even what company I have it with. The box gets checked off for 'yes' and I'm out of there with plates in hand. I never said it wasn't 'mandatory' to HAVE insurance.

As for the DMV retrieving your plates via the local LEO........yes, that can be done; however, since it is normally a three to six month time period between when your insurance company notifies (not by phone, but by computer records) the DMV, you are driving around without any or you may have sold the vehicle and it's now no longer in your possession that the insurance issue on it is somebody else's problem.