Computers and Tape

by Terfyn - 2/9/13 9:52 PM

In Reply to: Just to be clear... by boya84

I would not use a laptop for video work. Everybody thinks laptops are the be all and end all - they are not. My computer, a tower system, was built to a spec for running Avid editing software, it has a quad core processor, 8Gig of ram, a powerful graphics card and the ability to run two video monitors. I have a 4:3 monitor for controlling the editor and a 16:9 monitor for displaying the pictures. It may sound "overkill" but seeing the picture full size on the second monitor makes editing far easier.
I have two cameras, a Canon HV-20 (which I bought in 2005) and a Panasonic HC-V700, the Canon is tape based and the Pansonic is SD card based. To download from the Canon I need FireWire (not usually available on newer computers) so I had a FireWire card installed. The point is that a laptop is very limiting whereas a Tower can be configured to exactly what you want and can be uprated at any time. (more memory for example)

I am very nervous of using tape as an archive medium. Recently I tried to record some old casettes onto CD. The tapes were useless even though they had been cared for. There was loss of signal, print through and other degridation. When one magnetic field sits within 0.1mm of another magnetic field you are going to get problems. I use DVD for archiving - it has its problems as well but should last longer than tape.