Let's review, without all the crap

by JP Bill - 2/9/13 8:36 PM

In Reply to: Your insults are tiresome by TONI H

Rob says

but in many countries, proof of insurance is mandatory when getting a license for a car.

Toni hears

You really HAVE been away 'too' long if you still that that in the USA, "proof of insurance is mandatory when getting a license for a car".


I make some posts about states requiring proof of insurance before returning cars that have been towed.

Toni responds

I'm telling you from my own experience that when I get my vehicles registered for new tags or plates, I am NEVER told to show PROOF of insurance such as my wallet card.....I am only ASKED if I have insurance. The ONLY time I've HAD to give proof was at a DEALERSHIP.......and that was really only giving them the phone number to my agent so they could give my agent the VIN numbers for coverage before it left the lot.....NOWHERE else, not even at the DMV.


Rob doesn't know that you don't have to prove you have insurance, Toni says they "take her word" that she has insurance, AND she doesn't have to prove she has insurance..In this case "proof" involves "showing a wallet card", Also there are some occasions that Toni has given the phone number of her insurance agent to a DEALERSHIP so THEY could confirm she had insurance...BUT TONI NEVER had to show a wallet card....Just give a phone # and have someone else confirm she had insurance...BUT SHE didn't do it.

Perhaps Toni doesn't realize that if she cancels her insurance or it expires, they phone the DMV and someone will be knocking on her door to take her plates off of her vehicle.

The saga will continue when we find out which state Toni lives in and I do some further investigation...on what the Commonwealth of Virginia refers to as Insurance Monitoring Methods