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by tiltmonster - 2/9/13 3:17 PM

In Reply to: Bootable burn s/w setup by Willy

CyberLink DVD suite, seemed to come up as an option, and it burns. I am preparing the boot disc on my main computer, which is not obsolete. I also have HP Media Smart, Windows DVD maker also. Windows 7 has a burn feature. Will any of those work? This process, is certainly not my normal operation; don't do much formatting, extracting, or disk killing for that matter. Is this complicated, to keep people from erasing the hard drive by accident? Seems a complicated way to do it; or is it just the nature of creating a bootable file, and distributing it. Maybe because it is free? Are there any instructions anywhere for this? Seems like the days before Windows you just had a simple Dos command like C : Format, and you were good to go. No such luck these days I guess? Glad I am not doing this for a living, I would go broke for sure. If I have to spend another day learning how to boot mode a burn; I may have the whole week done here. Crazy. I know ya don't make the rules, tell me what ya can . Will anything I have work, or do I need to learn another program like IMGBURN? Thanks Willy!