Your insults are tiresome

by TONI H - 2/9/13 1:02 PM

In Reply to: Everyone isn't as privileged as you? by JP Bill

I'm telling you from my own experience that when I get my vehicles registered for new tags or plates, I am NEVER told to show PROOF of insurance such as my wallet card.....I am only ASKED if I have insurance. Nothing to stop me from lying. Even if stopped for a violation, I've never been asked to show my insurance card.....just my driver's license and registration. (BTW....I haven't had an actual ticket for anything since 1966 although I've been stopped for minor things like a taillight out over the years)

You think I'm just "flapping my gums", tuff. I personally have thought for years that the only reason you come in here is so YOU have a place to flap your gums and suspect it's because you have nobody else in your life who cares to talk to you.