So far none do that unless it's a fluke or rogue unit.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 2/8/13 4:49 PM

In Reply to: Copy Protection by Dan Filice

There are a lot of folk that want to enter into an argument about that, but depending on what country you are in, it rarely works out.

About the TIME CONSUMING PAIN. I hear you. If I can't go direct or use my Philips HDD 160GB DVD recorder it takes about 6 hours to make 1 hour of video. On the Philips it takes 1 hour to record one hour of video (1 to 1 so far.) Then I can snip off the extra at the beginning and end then dub to DVD in 15 or so minutes. That's more like it.

The OP's budget is too low.